Throughout the company’s history, ColRich Multifamily has consistently delivered strong financial returns by acquiring strategic assets (land and properties) in strong locations at opportunist points in the residential real estate cycle. The company’s strategic planning and foresight, coupled with strong debt & equity partnerships, have allowed it to capitalize on apartment opportunities primarily during economic downturns.

ColRich Multifamily operations are directed by Danny Gabriel (CEO) and Robert Mitchell (Chief Financial Officer). ColRich was founded in 1977 by Colin Seid (Co-Chairman), Richard Gabriel (Co-Chairman) and Barry Galgut (Senior Executive).

Multifamily Investment Approach
ColRich Multifamily selects strategic multifamily investment locations in major West Coast metropolitan areas with strong population and employment growth prospects, high levels of affordability and close proximity to employment centers, hospitals and universities.

The company purchases properties below replacement cost in supply-constrained areas, mitigating exposure to new construction and offering sizable demand potential for rental housing.

The ColRich Multifamily portfolio of multifamily investments provides significant upside through renovation, development and/or active management, attractive and long-term debt financing, stabilized cash-on-cash returns, and smart exit strategies designed to maximize market trends.